New Work, Old Work

I Like Your Like Gallery

There are two very big things, well maybe three very big things at play here.

  1. I really appreciate the support I have received from so many of you over the last few years. Everything from buy paintings, even liking or commenting on my work, taking classes, coming out to open figure drawing sessions, participating in ArtisTTable exhibitions and art retreats, I really really do appreciate all of that support it is amazing.
  2. I also really need to make some room in my studio for some new work. While things go out of the studio to new homes, they don’t go out as quickly as I are new. I need to unload some drawings and small works so I can free up much need space in my studio.
  3. I have a wonderful studio, but the rent is pretty steep and it just keeps coming due each month as rent is apt to do.

With these 3 things in mind I hatched the idea a few months ago to help with each of those three issues. I call it the i like your like gallery. It is a private gallery on my website. The gallery is special in that every thing in it is $25, it makes no difference if it is a drawing, a painting, or a collage. It doesn’t matter what size it is or if it is framed or not, it is $25 and that includes shipping if you are in the U.S. (Other places in the world we will make other arrangement to get the art delivered to you.) I named it the i like your like gallery because I really am so appreciative of your support, even if that support is a like or a thumbs-up. It seemed to me one of the best ways that I could say thank you would be to offer selected pieces of my work for next to nothing.

Another dynamic thing about this gallery is that there is only eight pieces of work at a time on display and available and the work is switched out each and every month. So you may see a painting in the gallery that was $300 but for the month it is in the gallery it is only $25. It is part pot-luck and part grab-bag. But it is all in fun and really out of my deepest desire to give back and say, “thanks.”

In turn it does make way for more room for more work in my studio. And yes, it does help to keep the lights on and allow me to stay in this great space that embodies so much creativity. Not only for me but for the many that come each week to draw from the model, or that come to any of my art classes that I hold there.

I have created the hashtag #ilikeyourlike that you are welcome to use as well, but I did create it to raise awareness for the gallery as well as the fact that I do like your likes

I invite you to stop on by and check out the gallery at When you get to the gallery you will soon find that when you click on any of the images you are taken to a PayPal window where you may pay with your PayPal balance or with a credit card. If you want to figure out another way, just email me.

You need to know that when you purchase a drawing or a painting from the gallery that you are in fact purchasing an original piece of art that will be mailed to your very own mailbox.

You know, like so many things these days that we see advertised on TV, there are some serious side effects as well that I should mention. First, everyone deep down wants to be an art collector, this gallery and the way the art in it is priced, it is a great way to start your very own art collection if you haven’t started it already. If you have started your art collection, this is an opportunity to fatten up your collection very easily. And because the art changes every month you can come back again and again. It will never get old because there will always be something different on display.

Thanks for reading, stop the gallery and it will be great to hear from you again.


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