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Saturday Week in Review.

You know I am not sure I have a favorite day of the week to be very honest. I know a lot of people like Friday because it is most typically the end of the work week. For some reason the way that I have crafted by existence at this point is such that every day has it’s own unique charm and task to be accomplished. I am not going to bore you with what each day brings my way, but Saturday is certainly the day that I do my most reflecting on what just happened the previous six days and then of course what is coming up in the next  week and beyond.


As I am in my studio this Saturday putzing around and listening to Miles Davis, Kind of Blue, my mind eases a little bit and I can be free.

This last week I did have two great teaching experiences. Currently I am teaching two classes at Crooked Tree Art Center in Traverse City. Monday night I teach an abstract painting class that has 15 students in it. This last week we were looking at the compositions of some great painters of years gone by to see how they utilized space and how they related their lights, darks and shapes they used to each other. Then we made collages of those compositions and finally made paintings from those collages. It was very exciting to see what they came up with.


Wednesday I teach a figure drawing class there too. That is a totally different situation. I just love to work with people as they are getting into this ultimate challenge of how they are going understand and represent the human form on a piece of paper. Such challenge indeed. It tests our observational skills like no other exercise.


Jumping back to Tuesday, and my weekly figure drawing session in my studio, I had a new model which is always a thing. Not only for the model when it is her first time modeling but for me too, simply because of the responsibility I feel to be sure that the experience for the artists that pay to come and draw have an excellent experience. It was great and I was pleasantly surprised that I remembered how to paint. I decided to paint this week since it had been nearly a month since I painted the figure as I have been sidetracked and delightfully distracted by doing collages since December.


It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns though. Last Sunday Google decided to slap an adult content warning on our site. I will tell you more as this hopefully gets resolved this next week. But it has been a royal pain in the butt with lots of hoops to jump through and lots and lots of waiting. But in the meantime basically that site that is so crucial is all but shut down since because of the warning from Google we look like a porn site. Lovely isn’t it? In order to get them to remove it we have had to remove any and images that represent or what might be a nude body. All the exhibitions are gone, our newsletters are gone, our famous artist’s birthday page is gone. It is sad. Stay tuned for more on this affair.

But, there are a few groovier things too. I just found out a painting that I have in a show just sold yesterday. That always makes me happy as can be.


This next week I start a new gouache painting class on Thursday afternoons here in my studio. That will be fun, I love teaching out of my own studio.

Leland Lane

Another thing is that is just one month now before I jump on that big old jetliner and go to Europe and Israel till June to do all of our ArtisTTable Art Retreats. In fact just today I was promoting one of our new offerings that will happen in the end of May. We call it Following Cézanne to Sainte-Victoire. It is going to be a week of painting in the Provence region of France. We will be visiting Cézanne’s studio and painting in the area where we can always have a view of Mont Sainte-Victoire! If you are interested we are going to be there from the 23rd to 30th of May. Get the details at


Oh yeah one more thing, I just updated my  I Like Your Like Gallery on my website. It is the place where I like to thank all those that have and are supporting me with everything from buying art to taking classes or coming to my open drawing sessions to giving me a like on Instagram. Check out and find some really cool one time special price offerings!!! This month I added some really older work. Some of it back to 2008. Enjoy and thanks!


I hope your week was as full and good as mine was and I hope that next week will be something you can look back on next Saturday with some fondness.

Until next time,

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