Would You Jump Off the Bridge?

I am fascinated by the topic of creativity and inspiration and how other artists embrace and pay attention to these curious and necessary partners in our individual processes. Influences are tricky things. We all can hear our parents inquiring about our friends during our formative years, asking us if your friends jumped off the bridge, would you? There is a good chance they used this line of reasoning because they understood that influences can be either good or less good. I choose not to say bad, not because I don’t believe that there isn’t any bad, there definitely is. But in regard to influences, especially as artists we can learn something even from the less good influences.

I think all influences are worth investigating for the most part when they come knocking. If something has enough pizazz to catch our attention, should we really be in too much of a hurry not to see if there might be something there?

Maybe it is a piece of art from some artist that you never heard of, or you have heard of the artist, but you never really looked because they do not produce the sort of work that you are interested in making.

What if you find yourself waiting for the light to change and out of the corner of your eye the light bounces off the slope of the sidewalk as it feathers into the crosswalk. Do you discount that flash in the moment of congestion on your way to the grocery store and curse the traffic and think this has got to be the most unattractive and uninspiring spot in town? Or could it be that that one vision of brightness on a dirty old Sunday morning sidewalk might possibly open up a whole new portal of investigation in your work?

Well, I think it’s worth considering.

This blog was originally published on 14 June 2020.

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