What’s Next?

I remember the feeling of accomplishment. And in this case, one more of those all-important items on the checklist of life that said you were one step closer to being a real adult. I had done what was necessary to be able to grab the brass ring — getting my family to Disney World.  

I had saved enough to get my young family to that Orlandoian mecca of American love with everything faux, and I was admittedly excited to be waiting in line for Space Mountain with our first son — who happens to share my name. Standing there hand in hand with him was nearly a Norman Rockwell moment until my little guy asked, “What’s next?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What are we going to go on next?” he asked.

He had no way of understanding what it took for us to get to that point. I was enjoying the moment of anticipation of getting on this ride and enjoying sharing the excitement with him.

I looked down at him with a grin and shrugged.

The conversation we’ve all been hearing the last couple of months has been about what’s next. This has to be over…2021 will be great and all our troubles will be solved. I totally understand the sentiment, I really do.

One thing this year has given me is an opportunity to really be present with the things that I can actually do something about and let go of a lot of things that I can’t do much if anything about.

What’s next? I can’t say, but…isn’t this snow amazing?

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