Yes, No, Maybe So.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. I can’t dwell on that too much — but I think I could have been a pretty good documentary filmmaker.

Of course, I hadn’t thought about that until this very morning. I was sitting in my studio plundering my brain for something to write about. While considering the nuanced differences and existential ramifications of saying yes or no to any given situation, something outside my door captured my attention.

There is a plant that grows near my studio. I don’t know what it is, but this time of year a portion of it dries up and breaks off in the wind and commences flitting about wherever it likes in a rather fairy-esque state.

I suppose it is the northern Michigan version of a tumbleweed?
I’d rather them be fairies. (Full disclosure: I am watching Midsummer Night’s Dream.)

I grabbed my video equipment (aka my iPhone) and set out as a landed Jacques Cousteau to document the elusive creatures.

They allow me to get quite close, but it is as though they sense my camera and in the same way many indigenous people have historically worried about cameras stealing their souls, they skitter away.

I am reminded how involved it is to focus and create. My mind was instantly consumed with editing and even soundtrack ideas as I was straining for the perfect camera angle to record these ethereal beings in their natural habitat.

WAIT A MINUTE! he says to himself. Once more you are standing at the edge of a rabbit hole begging you to jump in.

Maybe I was on to something with yes vs no. The older I get the easier it is to just say no.

So, NO! I’m not going down that path. I am going to keep enjoying my fairy friends speeding by my studio and welcome their occasional sneak in through my open door. No harm in that. I suspect that if I keep it friendly and don’t give them any grief they won’t cast any troublesome spells on me.

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