Fa La La La Laa, La La La Boo!

The end of October brings us two things, Halloween and the uncomfortable realization that we are now heading into the homestretch of another year.

Halloween gifts us an all-too short period of time when we can forget about life for a while. Compare that to the extra dose of reality that the end of any given year provides.

Spooks, goblins, hobos, clowns, famous and infamous women as well as the occasional Nixon mask are all perfect versions of the sort of tomfoolery we all need more of. I propose that instead of jumping right into the next round of Season’s Greetings and Christmas carols playing in every shopping establishment from today til December 26th, let’s dress up to our heart’s content from October to January 1st. And if you are that into Christmas, you will actually be able to get a little more milage out of it by dressing up as Santa or one of the three wise men.

Let’s do what we can to change our daily grind into our daily spellbind. Viva la Monster Mash.


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