Spaces Between

Spaces Between is a solo show currently on display at Hudson Gallery in Sylvania, OH.
It features my most recent body of painted work.

Intrigued by layers in the passage of time, Royce Deans’ paintings explore the spaces between forms found in nature with deep dives into layers of color and texture. A meditative quality is created through thoughtful arrangement of his subjects yet a gentle tension exists giving us the warmth and closeness of touch/not touch sensations. 

Flowing contours developed from observation of nature portray the interactions of people, their surroundings and who they are with. The improvisational creativity that these paintings are created with provide space for the artist’s ultimate freedom to respond uniquely to each step of the process with colors, textures, and form that define his personal creative journey.

Show Dates: March 3 – 31. 2023
Hudson Gallery 
5645 Main St,
Sylvania, OH 43560

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