Even if it doesn’t save the world…

In 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming was working in his lab on a cure for influenza. After a two-week holiday he returned to his lab and found mold growing in a petri dish containing staphylococcus. He realized that the mold was inhibiting the growth of the bacteria. Penicillin was born. We don’t often make discoveries inContinue reading “Even if it doesn’t save the world…”

Three Little Birds

Days roll into weeks.Weeks fold into months.Months trundle along into years.Years formulate routines.Routines beget expectations.Expectations breed worry. (Cue Bob Marley) Rise up this morningSmiled with the rising sunThree little birdsPitch by my doorstepSinging sweet songsOf melodies pure and trueSayingThis is my message to you-ou-ou Singing don’t worry about a thingCause every little thing gunna beContinue reading “Three Little Birds”