Crazy Laughter in the Other Room

Cats make funny videos.
Seven monks cried in the tomb.

                                           Voices from the other room
                                           Overheard but not heard.

I think whatever works
if you have had it before.

Ha, Ha, Ha,
I gotta say.

                                            Laughter – someone’s happy
                                            I could engage but I don’t.

It was coming up…
…might hang out with a dork.

           –Royce Deans

Warm on Me

       Morning sunlight warm on me.
      Morning breeze cool places not warmed by the sun.
      Morning stillness on the lake.
      Tiny rhythmic waves gurgle one by one on the sand.

      Morning stillness warm on me.
      Morning solitude forms a bubble in eternity.
      Morning glory in the sand.
      Symphonic silence accompanied by a chorus of very distant birds.

      Morning glory warm on me.
      Morning newness realizes anticipation of unknown possibilities.
      Morning breezes on the lake.
      Time taken is not time wasted.

Artist Residency and Exhibition

I am happy to announce that beginning October 22nd, Angela Saxon and myself will be guests of The Miller Beach Arts and Creative District at The Marshal J. Gardner Center for the Arts in Gary Indiana. We will be participating in a printmaking residency with open studio hours.
I will be working on a series of prints that will build on the ideas that I have been working with in my recent paintings and recent monotypes. 
In the Company of Nature will include an art exhibition, and a series of monotype classes.
Email me at for specific details and hours.

In the Company of Nature
Open Studio Dates: Monday, October 24 to November 04.
Exhibition Dates: November 04-25
Opening Reception: Friday, November 04
Time: 6 to 9:00 PM
Location: The Marshal J. Gardner Center for the Arts, 540 S. Lake St. Gary, Indiana 46403

Pleasantly Derailed

       Rain falling on the soundtrack of my world
          spit spat
       While the sun shines outside.

       Sometimes I drive a gravel road
          scritch crunch
       Potholes, dust and washboards take skill.

       I read novels when I can
          plop flip
       If I am too tired, I fall asleep.

       If you wake me, I won’t fall asleep again
          huh? ohh
       If you don’t, it’s possible I’m pretending.

       The dark before dawn starts my day
          sit up
       My expectations are often pleasantly derailed.

–Royce Deans