Work Your Fingers to the Bone.

The country-western powerhouse Hoyt Axton and Renee Armand penned what could simply be a perfect song. What is a perfect song? That’s a big big question and it is not my purpose to discuss that here today. Maybe another time. “Work your fingers to the bone. Whaddya, get? Boney fingers, boney fingers.” The world doesn’tContinue reading “Work Your Fingers to the Bone.”

‘Tis this the Season?

You might expect a commentary from me here on the artistic relevance of “Jingle Bells” or “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” which I admit would be appropriate and predictable. With the conclusion of Chanukah this week, the approaching culminating Christmas celebrations, and let us not forget Kwanzaa, we find ourselves once again squarely in the midstContinue reading “‘Tis this the Season?”