A Conversation with the Last Week of September 2021.

I never saw you coming.It’s not like I wasn’t paying attention.You just appeared like you expected me to know just what to say.So, what did you do with my summer anyway?Really?How interesting, I said you could have a sip, but you’ve gone and drunk the whole thing.Waiter, can I have another one of these?So, whatContinue reading “A Conversation with the Last Week of September 2021.”

It Takes One to Draw One

idiom: phrases that say one thing but mean another. They sometimes come across as backward-speak. A quite a complicated segment of the confusing English language.  ‘Face the music’ is an idiom that connotes something you might not want to look at directly, yet I find music always sounds better when you face it. ‘Dime a dozen’:Continue reading “It Takes One to Draw One”