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The current online class is focusing on the work of the American colorist, Milton Avery. Colorful and innovative, there is much to be gleaned from a deep dive into his work.

Here’s what the painter Mark Rothko said about Avery:
“What was Avery’s repertoire? His living room, Central Park, his wife Sally, his daughter March, the beaches and mountains where they summered; cows, fish heads, the flight of birds; his friends and whatever world strayed through his studio: a domestic, unheroic cast. But from these there have been fashioned great canvases, that far from the casual and transitory implications of the subjects, have always a gripping lyricism, and often achieve the permanence and monumentality of Egypt.”

Pretty exciting huh!

Avery is also an artist who resists categorization. “I never have any rules to follow,” he stated in 1952, “I follow myself.”

We’ll be spending Monday nights together on Zoom, exploring this captivating work. We will look at the artists that surrounded and influenced Milton Avery. We will examine specific paintings, look at his application of paint, composition, and use of color. Our method of study will be comprised of drawing and painting from Avery’s work as well as making our own new work based on the concepts we absorb from this intensive study. Lively discussion and conversation is a wonderful aspect to these classes, despite the online framework.

Each week you will be given an optional homework assignment.

The goal of this class will not be to paint like Milton Avery, rather to paint like a better you. Regardless of our level of ability, we all benefit from taking the time to look closely and carefully at the work of the masters.

All Skill Levels Welcome
Dates: Monday, January 10, 17, 24, 31, February 7 (Yes, 5 weeks)
Time: 6 to 8:30 PM EST
Cost: $200
Location: Zoom
Registration: PayPal Link

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