Happy New Year

Grocery store checkout lines are filled with publications featuring ‘year in review’ and endless ‘best of’ lists, all part of the turnover from one year to the next, I guess. The 1st of one year is never much different than the 31st of the proceeding one, much as we might hope it will be different. What if we had a clean slate to work with? Maybe we do.

I’m no longer a maker of resolutions— I’m so over feeling like a failure within the first few weeks of a fresh new year. But I do like the notion of giving ourselves a clean slate.

I don’t think having a slate that is wiped clean means we’ve erased everything that went before. If that were the case, we would be likely to make the same mistakes all over again. But I do believe we can fill that vision of what our new year can be with things that are important to us.

When considering how we approach what it is that we want to accomplish, the old adage, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” And as Andrew Simonet states in his book, Making Your Life as an Artist, “No one is coming.”  
We just need to take things into our own hands.

Without conjuring up some elaborate program of resolutions, I am looking at this brand new year with the attitude: now is the time to just go for it.

Let’s give ourselves permission.


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